Friday, December 21, 2007

"such a tease"

yessireeeeeeee....i've been told that on occasion....... and because the middle panel on this page is still unfinished, i give you the top half of the page. voila!hahah

Thursday, December 20, 2007


WOW! at 50 posts! yahoo! well...this lil post is part of another HELLBOY boy...more to come, the goodness in full view. ARCHAIC 12 is in shops this week. I actually went in and bought a copy and was kinda stoked they decided to use my marker colors....I thought that idea was trashed...I really love the way markers look...

I was also talked into buying a rather sweet umbrella academy shirt from one of the nice employees of my local comic shop. It's a fucking rad-ass shirt! But it's a lil' big, and rather boxy, so I'm going to take my sewing skills into action and chop this baby up and recreate it.

Perhaps that will be another blog. Teach them boys who make these comic shirts that us gals like to look like, well, errrmm...uh like GALS when we wear the shirts...Some of the only comic based shirts I've come around that were actually for girls were 'Emily the Strange', this cool pin-up dude from comic con, and Mr. David Mack from 'Kabuki'...Mack: always thinking of ways to make the ladies look sexy while sporting kabuki shirts....he's either one smart cookie, or one of his girl-pals suggested it...either way, he's got the best girl cut shirts out there...

So yes...this is a major problem to any and all comic related T-shirt making folks out there. We ladies like comic book shirts. We'll sport the hell out of them. Just make them fit! Same goes with hoodies....boy did i want a spiderman hoodie...or batman...but out of all the towers and piles of shirts and sweatshirts at comic con could I find one remotely my size?? FUCK NO! I ended up trying to fit into kids sizes, which didn't work either because I have unusually long ass arms....Maybe I should just start making them myself....hmmm...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

crappy drawing redemtion

okay, since i really just didn't like that last post i posted here....i mean really didn't like it, like fricken hated the way i colored it and drew it for what it's worth......i had to redeem myself, keep myself from feeling like crap. so here's a page of hellboy for the taking....much better than the last post. i feel somewhat art meter is moving away from 'craptastic' to middle ground 'good' again...phew!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


okay, well i posted this on my DA account already, so i figured i'd post here too. i dont think this is as sucessful as the other one i did. i didn't do the pencils as tight, which resulted in an 'okay' ink job, which then was colored with a less than stellar muddied up marker coloring. i'm not happy with this one... but i'll post it it's part of the process...i think there's too much going on in the composition...and i sort was just sketching, without a real clear, impactful image in my head and i think that lack of clarity explains the so-so art....

Friday, November 30, 2007


here's the colored version....i knew if i tried doing this in PS, i'd just get it's better this way

Thursday, November 29, 2007

VANYA inked

wow, see? i can be producive if i put my mind to it...and also if i have a cup of expresso around 3 in the afternoon XD

The violinist

Vanya from UA

Sunday, November 25, 2007

denny's is fun

so me and my BF went to go see the coldwar kids on friday down at my favorite concert place, the wiltern. we left early, thinking there'd be accidents galore from stressed out housewifes who spent too much on black friday and crashed their mercedes while trying to think up a good story to tell their hubbies when the credit card bills came...but this here town of los angeles, traffic was normal!

so we had hours to kill once we got down there, got some coffee, made some paper airplanes out of magazine card inserts...and i decided i wanted to kill time by going to CVS, buying some notepads and snacking at denny's drawing comic scribbles...

here are said scribbles.

the concert rocked. i love that band, and i got a cool shirt with a whale on it and stuff written in latin. could it get any better?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

and today i spent $50 on...

yup...finally bought the star wars box set on DVD...had it on VHS...long a galaxy far away...finally realized it was a black hole in my video collection and plunked down monies at my local blockbuster.....

Monday, November 12, 2007

art for sale!

Hey everybody,

I'm putting up the issue of Tenth Muse I did up on ebay, minus a few pages that have sold. I'm including a signed issue of the printed comic as well with each lot (and yes, i decided to sell them in lots of four pages. Hopefully that all works out with the double page spreads and whatnot)

BTW~ thank you everyone for chiming in as to my 'how to sell 'em' quantity dilema.

I'm starting the auction @ $.33 for you all to have some fun! . If you're interested in bidding, here's the auction numbers:
tenth muse pages 1-4

tenth muse pages 5-8

tenth muse pages 9-12

tenth muse pages 13-16

tenth muse pages 18-21

I'm only taking Paypal right now. good luck!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

because today i am a lazyass...

sorry, no new art...well, maybe if i get a sketch done tonite i'll post. i gotz to draw domino for a swell fella...but yup, i didn't do jack shit today. it was cold outside, miserable...and everyone and thier related kin were out shopping and blocking th isles of target and big 5.

i did however post 4 new, never before seen pages on my DA account, so that can be counted as a semi-worthy post of art i suppose...go check it out:

there, i did SOMETHING....

(oh yah, and ARCHAIC 11 comes out wednesday. you should buy it!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"today is the greatest, day i've ever known

cant wait til tomorrow, tommorrow's much too soon...."

okay, i changed them a bit, but they're more fitting...

sorry for the lack of posts/ art/ etc lately...i've been doing revisions, some neato stuff and taking a lil bit of a breather after doing so much art. I just finished something that i think is some of the best sumtin' sumtin' i've done in a quite a while. I need to go through and see if i can share it, but it's something cool that'll be in a rather well known, big ticket thing...and a bit of a dream too...

"I'll burn my eyes out, i'll tear my heart out"

"yesterday....all my troubles seem so far away..."

"The sun'll come out, Tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun! "

Friday, November 2, 2007

sketchcards for charity

im doing some sketchcards for charity to support the American Cancer Society. The event is being organized by the folks @ Blue Line Pro....these will be auctioned off in a large group charity auction on March 8, 2008 @ Comics 2 Games, 166 Mt. Zion Road, Florence, Kentuky. 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

This is the first of a set im doing. My first cat died of feline lukemia, so this is in rememberance of him. his name was Jub Jub...named after the iguana from the simpsons. He was the sweetest cat, and it was trrible watching his life fade until he passed.

I've had numerous encounters with people I'm close with and the effects of Cancer. It's something that is close to my heart, and if i can support it in any way, i'll do my very best.

more to come

Friday, October 26, 2007


ISSUE 11 OF ARCHAIC comes out in a few weeks. thanks so much for everyone who has picked up issue 10, i really really appreciate it. issue 11 is really my favorite out of the three issue arc I've done for ARCHAIC, so i really hope you will all make sure your local comic shop has pre-ordered it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a minute of precious time seems i have been able to escape...slowly, carefully, like a type this to anyone who reads. coming from places where boys fear to tread. beyond the lengths of in the arms of sleep. the skys outside are like a ridley scott film..dark and red and menacing: through the eyes of ruby are the tales of a scortched earth. and i have top secret information im not allowed to dislose at the moment, for we only come out at night, while we're in the arms of sleep. good information, here is no why. it's beautiful, by starlight. very very good secrets, stumbleine. but now, i must go meet with MCIS....for it is near the autumn nocturn. dizzle and blast, these germans in leather pants...there is no escape, from this siamese dream. Feel it break your bones, Mr. just watch me, death defy....

can you figure it out?
over and out....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ARCHAIC 10 in stores!!!

im writing this late oct. 9, to inform you that ARCHAIC #10 (my first issue all penciled and inked) comes out tomorrow. i thought it was supposed to be out on Oct. 31....but i was wrong. so i guess that's good news....or bad, because i wanted to go pick up some 'desolation jones' trades, and i cant show my face in the comic store for a few weeks for fear of feeling like a giraffe amongst a gabble of geese.....

oh well....maybe i'll go see 'across the universe' again....or watch my new set of 'avante guarde' cinema.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

hellllllllooooooooooooo...does anyone read this stuff i wonder...

i'm floating in space and wondering if anyone actually reads this stufff.'s like that cut scene in final fantasy 8 with squall and rinoa floating in space...that errieeeeeeeeeeee i colored some thangs with's like i drew my own coloring book! yahoo!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

SWEET! reason for a duplicate post!

the artist for THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY was kind enough to post a comment on the below pic of SPACEBOY on my myspace page....that made my fricken day. This is just more reason for me to love the art, support the hell out of the book (like it even needs my help, sold out of the first printing almost immediately!!!) and say that, besides mr. Ba being a kick-ass artist, he's also a very kind, down to earth guy. Now im off to go oggle the two issues i got of UA #1, james jean and that 1 in 10 variant cover i just got in the mail from an ebay seller yesterday. :p......

Thursday, September 27, 2007

lost in space

where's robbie the robot??? why didn't i buy that kick-ass retro robot coin bank at robocon? goddamnit! that was a cool bank. but you know what's cooler than a retro robot coin bank with a clock radio? a SPACEBOY in a gorilla suit, alah the UMBRELLA ACADEMY. yup. cooler.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Now that's a fucking first, eh?

two posts in one day? well hot damn! TEASER!

snowwhite commision

so yah...after much though...well...not really a ton of it...i guess as a kid, i never related to 'snow white'. I thought about this after posting tis on my devaint art account about an hour or so ago. funny stuff it is.

i had this commision, to do i started drawing my own character, that i'm going to start working more on. Well yes. there's some good ole' fashioned murder and whatnot in the story, so i was 'yah, this is going to be like a kick ass murderous piece all crime noire and like'. yah well, didn't turn out that way. somehow it turned into a snow white looking chic....guess it's the hood and that bloody heart in her hand...somewhere inbetween the inking and coloring it turned out that way. it looks like snow-white took some action into her own hands, so-to-speak, and killed the woodsman and took his heart. i guess that's the gist of what it turned out to look like.

snow white's too damn sweet anyways....thought i'd give her some edge...cinderella had to go through hell to get her prince charming...i used to like cinderella when i was a kid....same with the little mermaid....also, my favorite disney movie. snow white, well....she just was nice and stuff. shit happpened to her. she ate a bad apple. not too dramatic. fell asleep. the glass coffin was sorta neat...but a lil too clean. there was some movie a few years back with sigourney weaver as the evil queen which was pretty good.

yah, so im rambling...was going to make this insightful, but well, you just got a whole blog of ramblin's! better than nothing though, eh?

*edit: sorry about the lack of drawing i was rambling about...for some reason blogspot wasn't loading after i posted so i couldn't get an image up. but it's all fixed now: so back to the show*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

rumour sketch numero duo

yes yes...still have a fun cold that makes it impossible to gain sweetsweet oxygen from my nasal i tried too draw yesterday and this was the half-way decent outcome...notice i say half way....ugh!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007


so yah, this was a commision for a myspace aquaintance, a red sonja request. been chillin' the past two days and boy does it feel good to have a work load off your chest. been catching up on this huge mutherfucken stack of comics i keep on buying and not looking at because i had deadlines i had to, i jumped into a bunch of back issues of STEAMPUNK i just picked up, the latest IRON MAN, done by a swell friend, mr. ERIC CANETE....who was amazingly kind and gave me a ton of his work and saved me the trouble of searching and buying old back issues on ebay and my local THANK YOU ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his work is a huge fucking inspiration to me!

also, trades of THE GOON, HELLBOY and various cool art books and fashion magazines i've been hoarding. NYLON rocks and FRENCH VOGUE has the coolest editorials yah, that's been my two days. decided i should go out and wake up my leg muscles from their 2 week hybernation...went kicked my ass...i know i'll feel it tomorrow...the fun thing about being a comic artist is the out of shape part. you forget to oil the machine that is the body....but it's important and i need to go outside more often than i do...yes...a mid to end years resolution: some sort of workout regime besides my thumb push-ups to get the blood recirculating in my fingers after 6 hours at the drawing table. hahahah!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ARCHAIC issue 12 cover

happy with everything but the face on this one...i think i let my frustration get the best of me....

finally done

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! after a late late nite until i couldn't draw a straight line, i've officially completed three full issues of pencils and inks for ARCHAIC, issues 10-12. i took a lil break yesterday and hit the comic shop to buy old backissues of STEAMPUNK, as it's something i've been meaning to buy and always forgot to. I really need to start bringing lists into the comic shop/convention because as soon as i walk through that door, i go blank and end up with $40 worth of cool stuff i didn't mean to buy.

on saturday i went to an awesome art show down in LA to promote a new artbook FUSION JUNCTION 2. My BF wanted to check out LeSEAN THOMAS's new stuff and i was there to see ERIC CANETES cool cool art! It was a lot of fun, in little china, which, although living so damn close to LA, I've never been to. It smelled like udon noodles and eggrolls as soon as we got off the freeway...very cool...

I've been mad busy the last month and so that's the reason for the lack of posting...i did comic con in july which was utterly awesome and utterly exhausting. I was fortunate enough to meet and greet GABRIEL BA, FABIO MOON, GERARD WAY, SCOTT ALLIE, RANDY STRADLEY, CHEEKS, ERIC CANETE, JASON CRAIG, PETER PALMOITTI, and a ton more that i cant remember their names....It was really awesome to put a face to a name and talk comics.

It was also really awesome seeing all of the hardcore ARCHAIC fans. This was only my second time sitting with JAMES ABRAMS and BRETT MARTING in support of ARCHAIC. They have some absolutely amazing fans and i really hope my run on their series does this amazing *effing book justice.

Yesterday, when i was at the comic shop....i meekly checked out the PREVIEWs mag they had on the counter to see the issue 11 ARCHAIC was so cool. i remember in high school buying PREVIEWS just to check out all the cover art and stuff....i dont think back then i would have imagined seeing my stuff in it, but there it was...and it's pretty surreal.

today, i think im going to chill. My thumb has this massive calluse on it and it hurts pretty bad. But no pain, no gain, as they say....and drawing til it hurts is the life i live.

I've been catching up on news and crap through my favorite podcast AROUND COMICS. I must say i really was touched by their tribute to MIKE WIERINGO, and although i have never read a TELOS book...the care and closeness of the comics industry really stood out, despite this tragedy. It's really a close industry as i am coming to see, most people know everyone else, and the admiration, cohesiveness and compassion in the industry is really shown when they experience loss of their comrads. There's something there, kindled, in the hearts and minds of comics artists that joins them all and, in comparing it to other industries, it's really something that brings a warm fuzzy feeling to yah...and i cant quite put it into words. Perhaps it's all of us frantically trying to put out creative juices out there in the threat of our own mortality, perhaps it's because we are sensitive to responding to our not sure...but it's fucking admirable beyond anything, and i couldn't be happier being a tiny part of it all....

So, as far as art goes, issue 10 of ARCHAIC hits next month. I think maybe i'll hole myself into my room until the storm is over...which wont be until december. Issue 11 and 12 i believe are NOV and DEC...It's funny the emotions one goes through with doing comics...first it's excitement, because your working on an awesome book...then the wave of overwhelming work hits and it really seems quite impossible to do the amount of work that is in a single issue. I'm looking back now and i cant fucking believe that i actually drew over 60 fucking's nuts and makes me a lil queezy. and everytime i finish a book i get this wonderful sense of relief, accomplishment, and happiness....then as the thought of it hitting the market comes into my head, im both excited as hell and nervous as fuck!
"yes, i have a book coming out!"
"fuck, what if they dont like it and are like 'what is this shit?!?'"
"damn, i fucking rocked that panel!"
"fuck....there's so many fucking amazing artists out there that are so much better..."

the whole constant happy/sad/happy/insecure/happy thing goes through your head, that i almost think it's best not to think about it and just move on the the next thing...

and we'll just see what that is, eh? ha!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

comic con 2007 sketches

wow, it's been one hell of a month. i promise mid september, im going to get these puppies up and running and posted on a regular basis. i've been mad busy...and let me tell you that revisions, although made for the greater good, are very time consuming lil' buggers and have made me a wee bit stressed. im posting a bunch of sketch images i did for wonderfully suppportive people i was fortunate enough to finally meet in person at comic con this year. so many folks i know through myspace and those lil avatars....and it's really neat meeting people face to face, if not a little nerve racking as im a bit of a shy person...

so here we go. i hope you enjoy, and you'll be seeing a lot more coming later this month as i finish up my run with ARCHAIC and jump right into the creation of a 6 page original introduction for WAR OF THE INDEPENDANTS....and perhaps some other neat stuff ;)

oh yah...i went to a classsic car show today which was fucking awesome. i really wish i had the time and knowledge on how to fix up cars, especially old ones! *DROOL*

and also, i recently did a pin-up for a book called 'the misadvenures of clark and jefferson' and it's going to be the back cover to issue 3 of the series, if i remember rightly....the colorist has a blog here too :

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

comic con sketches

back from the con...i was totally zonked out the past two days but im getting back my energy and getting back to are some of those delirious con doodles i did...enjoy:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

it's where the parties at!

so im swimming in inks and pencils and pinups and empty red-bull cans and instant noodles....this is a post. sort of. see you there!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

There are many ways of getting around ignorant folk

i had this posted on my myspace page, and wouldn't you know it, some asshole got their panties in a bunch over the fact the character aint wearing a bra. well, sucks to you, whoever you are. deal with it. some people dont like wearing tops. men get to go around shirtless, so why not women. Well, myspace deleted the pic. obviously this image just bugged someone that much that they had to go and do something about it rather than having the balls to message me and express their disgust in my carefully covered pencil-rendered tits. i dont get pissed easily, but here's a big ole FUCK YOU!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


yup, the scene. i cant reveal anymore than that....but if your hip, yah know the lingo. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007


finally finished up the colors on issue 11. can't show you the kick ass interiors yet, so i have to settle with showing you the covers, until the time comes when i can sneak some interiors, and by then i'll think they look like crap....the highs and lows of the artists ego.....oh dear.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A fresh start: JUNE

So after a month and a half of stress, thinking I wasn't going to pass a mandatory language class, (because the language and mathmatical part of my brain ceases to function at normal capacity), I checked my grades....and I PASSED! That means I oficially have a BA of Fine Arts (unless they F*** up somewhere in academics and tell me some class I took does't count or something)

Anyways, some may not really care, but to me that is such a tremendous relief. I have been doing comics for the past year and doing school full time as well as working part time at a retail job, and it has been one hell of a juggling act. Not to mention I somehow managed to pay my way through school all on my own with grant writing, scholarships and financial aid. So I think I can finally take a month to just exhale and relax and de-stress myself after all those years of college. And shop like any girl would like to...graduation reward shopping! yahoo!

So I'm currently working on the second half of issue 11 for ARCHAIC. And because I just finished the tedious rendering of a cover, I thought I would share. I use a pentel mechanical pencil for everything, 05 lead. Nope. None of those fancy art pencils or different grade graphite things or whatnot, just ole' trusty. I actually got so attached to this particular model of pentel mechanical pencil that I bought about 10 in backup in case the one I use ever decides to spontaniously combust.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and past log of may

i'll just post a bunch of scribbleys i did in april and may that i never got the time to put up here.

one is a superman sketch that was going to be part of my comic con 2007 sketchbook. i think i wanted to go a bit cartooney at first with this and then i got into realistic detail and i dont know what happed. it was supposed to be the 'krypton-hulk' kicking superman's ass.....because i was never all that into superman, except for the old old cartoons. and i thought, well if the hulk is green and krypton is green, maybe we'll just say he is made of kryptonite in this and that's how he beats superman. like a crayola crayon. totally odd-ball reasoning, but i was in a weird mood.

and this was just me messing with lines and whatnot......

and then some sketches for ARCHAIC 11 cover. i'll post the finished pencils when they're done as well:

quick sketch cover design

this is one of many sketches im doing leading up to a pin-up for a french book, ae. i really need to get some trades of the book and learn french so i can read them....and the only place remotely connected to the US that carries the book is amazon canada, ae. so im going to order some soon ae. and then i'll post some more sketches.

right now im knee deep in issue 11 of ARCHAIC. and i'll have the cover design on here soon as well. it's very tattoo like and now that i think of that, im pretty pissed they sent kat back to LA on "miami ink". bummer.

Monday, April 30, 2007

okay...i lie

i colored it...but it aint pretty.....