Wednesday, March 28, 2007

rat pack!

so,'s splinter. im tired. i went to go get strathmore bristol and our Aaron brother only carries crappy canson, which i sadly found out, is not acid free. so i bought it and then went to michaels to look at pens, since i called them prior and they told me they didn't have 11"x 14" bristol. LYING BASTARDS! they had it...but i was outta cash. so now im stuck with canson....but back to the original post. it's splinter. i drew a rat in 30 minutes in my jazz class. boy, did i ever want to just lay my head down today and go to sleep in that class...........yup...rats are cool. but only cartoon rats...real rats are like bunnies: evil as hell

and a lil edit to this post. a myspace pal of mine colored this drawing and i thought it was pretty darn cool. so here's splinter colored by mr. julian aguilera. you can check out more of his stuff on here

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hero in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!

so today was my lil brothers b-day....and we went to go see TMNT (the hip, new abreviation for that beloved wacky creation that is 'teenage mutant ninja turtles').
ah yes, the intro...about four young turtles transformed by toxic goo, named after the great renaissance masters and trained in the ancient arts of the ninja brought me way back to when i used to watch this stuff when i was a kid....and yes...the movie was good....and so i drew a turtle...i wanna do a crazy angled one of all four of the turtles, but this will have to suffice for tonite. off to go watch kat on miami ink!

(oh yes, and because it seems unhip to sign my complete name on trying out new lil' sigies to see if i can sign art the new hip way.....damn you hipsters!)

and 20 minutes later.......a quick sketch of kat from miami ink

Monday, March 26, 2007

more sketchbook pages....

wow! two blogs in one day? it's like crack! well, actually...i just finished up an entire issue of ARCHAIC and so this is my stress relief. i can relax....and maybe get a lil' sleep....but not much im sure. enjoy...these are recent pages from my sketchbook. random ideas for some stuff, illustrations, covers and whatnot.........

sketch: ladytron done wrong

well, im going to try to have some sort of doodle up here at least every three days (hahah i say that now...) well, i briefly looked at some of a pal of mines doodles...'ladytron' by eric canete...and loved the character who i am not really all that familiar with. i think i only saw maybe like three quick images of the character because i had to go run erands, but it's something i wanna draw as a pin-up. this outfit and character is missing things and because i was in my jazz class with no referance material, besides my crappy memory....i'm going to have to re-do it because it's anything but accurate...but it kept me entertained in class, kept me from nodding off....and the lines are pretty clean. enjoy.

Friday, March 23, 2007


sooooooooo....I got the "a-okay" from my boss to post the cover of the next issue of ARCHAIC that I'm working on. I'll get interior inks out when the issue is about to hit store shelves (oct. 2007) , but hopefully this will get you all excited and whatnot about PRE-ORDERED this puppy from PREVIEWS when it becomes orderable (if that's even a word.)

I'm a bit of a photoshop idiot, so all you smart photoshop-savy folk just keep the coloring jokes to yourself. I'm learning!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ARCHAIC "dirt" short story inks

My first work for a really great book called ARCHAIC comes out this month, in the volume #2 trade paperback. I did this short 8 pager way back in August it's quite a bit old by now, it seems, but has some cool stuff. The ARCHAIC TPB is available at your local comic store and is really something worth picking up, as the story is pretty darn intriguing and the art earned Mr. Brett Marting a Golden Chazzie nomination for best artist , not to mention ARCHAIC was nominated for Best Ongoing Series.

Wizard magazine issue 186 (feb. 2007) also recognized ARCHAIC as the fourth top indie book on their list of indie comics to look out for. "The level of detail and creative passion pumped into every level of Jon (James) Abrams and Brett Marting's epic fantasy adventure series Archaic from Fenickx Productions crackles on each page. Archaic formulates a dark and stylishly horrific tale of two warring families in a world born of Slovakian myth, and the duo's vision of a civilization powered by spectacular magics. For fantasy and horror lovers alike unfamiliar with the book, pay attention: This is the best ongoing epic you've never read."

i HAVE a blog!

yahoo. so after the majority of my favorite artists seem to have these awesome blogs, i thought i'd give it a try. see what happens.....maybe it'll force me to do more warm-ups, share more of my sketchbooks and provide a more formidable collection of thoughts and whatnot.

I give you synchrotron. Definition: "An accelerator in which charged particles are accelerated around a fixed circular path by an electric field and held to the path by an increasing magnetic field. "*

In the context of this blog: An accelerator in which creatively charged energy is accelerated around a fixed circular path (hence the ironic synchronicity in my life) by an energy field (creative drive) and held to the path by an increasing drive, determination and greater knowledge of what it is that i do.

i figure the art is my path and things just keep accelerating beyond my wildest dreams, and so the name ironically fits. i thought of the word, not knowing the defintion, while driving home from wizard world los angeles 2007. hope you'll stop by ever once in a while and read up.

*(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth EditionCopyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.)