Thursday, September 13, 2007


so yah, this was a commision for a myspace aquaintance, a red sonja request. been chillin' the past two days and boy does it feel good to have a work load off your chest. been catching up on this huge mutherfucken stack of comics i keep on buying and not looking at because i had deadlines i had to, i jumped into a bunch of back issues of STEAMPUNK i just picked up, the latest IRON MAN, done by a swell friend, mr. ERIC CANETE....who was amazingly kind and gave me a ton of his work and saved me the trouble of searching and buying old back issues on ebay and my local THANK YOU ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his work is a huge fucking inspiration to me!

also, trades of THE GOON, HELLBOY and various cool art books and fashion magazines i've been hoarding. NYLON rocks and FRENCH VOGUE has the coolest editorials yah, that's been my two days. decided i should go out and wake up my leg muscles from their 2 week hybernation...went kicked my ass...i know i'll feel it tomorrow...the fun thing about being a comic artist is the out of shape part. you forget to oil the machine that is the body....but it's important and i need to go outside more often than i do...yes...a mid to end years resolution: some sort of workout regime besides my thumb push-ups to get the blood recirculating in my fingers after 6 hours at the drawing table. hahahah!

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