Sunday, November 25, 2007

denny's is fun

so me and my BF went to go see the coldwar kids on friday down at my favorite concert place, the wiltern. we left early, thinking there'd be accidents galore from stressed out housewifes who spent too much on black friday and crashed their mercedes while trying to think up a good story to tell their hubbies when the credit card bills came...but this here town of los angeles, traffic was normal!

so we had hours to kill once we got down there, got some coffee, made some paper airplanes out of magazine card inserts...and i decided i wanted to kill time by going to CVS, buying some notepads and snacking at denny's drawing comic scribbles...

here are said scribbles.

the concert rocked. i love that band, and i got a cool shirt with a whale on it and stuff written in latin. could it get any better?

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Ryan said...

Mmmmmm.... mozzarella cheese sticks and chicken strips... *drooooooool*