Thursday, July 5, 2007

There are many ways of getting around ignorant folk

i had this posted on my myspace page, and wouldn't you know it, some asshole got their panties in a bunch over the fact the character aint wearing a bra. well, sucks to you, whoever you are. deal with it. some people dont like wearing tops. men get to go around shirtless, so why not women. Well, myspace deleted the pic. obviously this image just bugged someone that much that they had to go and do something about it rather than having the balls to message me and express their disgust in my carefully covered pencil-rendered tits. i dont get pissed easily, but here's a big ole FUCK YOU!


Ken Davis said...

That’s an amazing piece of artwork!!!
I don’t see a damn thing nude or rude about this..

Ryan said...

whoa.... that's pretty COOL. talk about "one winged angel".... [Sephiroth's theme song]

I like what you did with the one arm forward, one arm back. good way to add perspective.



Julkillo said...

Very nice sketch,about nude...well I like it and I think the same as you.Finish the sketch,guy