Thursday, June 28, 2007


yup, the scene. i cant reveal anymore than that....but if your hip, yah know the lingo. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007


finally finished up the colors on issue 11. can't show you the kick ass interiors yet, so i have to settle with showing you the covers, until the time comes when i can sneak some interiors, and by then i'll think they look like crap....the highs and lows of the artists ego.....oh dear.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A fresh start: JUNE

So after a month and a half of stress, thinking I wasn't going to pass a mandatory language class, (because the language and mathmatical part of my brain ceases to function at normal capacity), I checked my grades....and I PASSED! That means I oficially have a BA of Fine Arts (unless they F*** up somewhere in academics and tell me some class I took does't count or something)

Anyways, some may not really care, but to me that is such a tremendous relief. I have been doing comics for the past year and doing school full time as well as working part time at a retail job, and it has been one hell of a juggling act. Not to mention I somehow managed to pay my way through school all on my own with grant writing, scholarships and financial aid. So I think I can finally take a month to just exhale and relax and de-stress myself after all those years of college. And shop like any girl would like to...graduation reward shopping! yahoo!

So I'm currently working on the second half of issue 11 for ARCHAIC. And because I just finished the tedious rendering of a cover, I thought I would share. I use a pentel mechanical pencil for everything, 05 lead. Nope. None of those fancy art pencils or different grade graphite things or whatnot, just ole' trusty. I actually got so attached to this particular model of pentel mechanical pencil that I bought about 10 in backup in case the one I use ever decides to spontaniously combust.