Sunday, September 2, 2007

comic con 2007 sketches

wow, it's been one hell of a month. i promise mid september, im going to get these puppies up and running and posted on a regular basis. i've been mad busy...and let me tell you that revisions, although made for the greater good, are very time consuming lil' buggers and have made me a wee bit stressed. im posting a bunch of sketch images i did for wonderfully suppportive people i was fortunate enough to finally meet in person at comic con this year. so many folks i know through myspace and those lil avatars....and it's really neat meeting people face to face, if not a little nerve racking as im a bit of a shy person...

so here we go. i hope you enjoy, and you'll be seeing a lot more coming later this month as i finish up my run with ARCHAIC and jump right into the creation of a 6 page original introduction for WAR OF THE INDEPENDANTS....and perhaps some other neat stuff ;)

oh yah...i went to a classsic car show today which was fucking awesome. i really wish i had the time and knowledge on how to fix up cars, especially old ones! *DROOL*

and also, i recently did a pin-up for a book called 'the misadvenures of clark and jefferson' and it's going to be the back cover to issue 3 of the series, if i remember rightly....the colorist has a blog here too :

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