Monday, November 12, 2007

art for sale!

Hey everybody,

I'm putting up the issue of Tenth Muse I did up on ebay, minus a few pages that have sold. I'm including a signed issue of the printed comic as well with each lot (and yes, i decided to sell them in lots of four pages. Hopefully that all works out with the double page spreads and whatnot)

BTW~ thank you everyone for chiming in as to my 'how to sell 'em' quantity dilema.

I'm starting the auction @ $.33 for you all to have some fun! . If you're interested in bidding, here's the auction numbers:
tenth muse pages 1-4

tenth muse pages 5-8

tenth muse pages 9-12

tenth muse pages 13-16

tenth muse pages 18-21

I'm only taking Paypal right now. good luck!

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