Wednesday, September 26, 2007

snowwhite commision

so yah...after much though...well...not really a ton of it...i guess as a kid, i never related to 'snow white'. I thought about this after posting tis on my devaint art account about an hour or so ago. funny stuff it is.

i had this commision, to do i started drawing my own character, that i'm going to start working more on. Well yes. there's some good ole' fashioned murder and whatnot in the story, so i was 'yah, this is going to be like a kick ass murderous piece all crime noire and like'. yah well, didn't turn out that way. somehow it turned into a snow white looking chic....guess it's the hood and that bloody heart in her hand...somewhere inbetween the inking and coloring it turned out that way. it looks like snow-white took some action into her own hands, so-to-speak, and killed the woodsman and took his heart. i guess that's the gist of what it turned out to look like.

snow white's too damn sweet anyways....thought i'd give her some edge...cinderella had to go through hell to get her prince charming...i used to like cinderella when i was a kid....same with the little mermaid....also, my favorite disney movie. snow white, well....she just was nice and stuff. shit happpened to her. she ate a bad apple. not too dramatic. fell asleep. the glass coffin was sorta neat...but a lil too clean. there was some movie a few years back with sigourney weaver as the evil queen which was pretty good.

yah, so im rambling...was going to make this insightful, but well, you just got a whole blog of ramblin's! better than nothing though, eh?

*edit: sorry about the lack of drawing i was rambling about...for some reason blogspot wasn't loading after i posted so i couldn't get an image up. but it's all fixed now: so back to the show*

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