Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and past log of may

i'll just post a bunch of scribbleys i did in april and may that i never got the time to put up here.

one is a superman sketch that was going to be part of my comic con 2007 sketchbook. i think i wanted to go a bit cartooney at first with this and then i got into realistic detail and i dont know what happed. it was supposed to be the 'krypton-hulk' kicking superman's ass.....because i was never all that into superman, except for the old old cartoons. and i thought, well if the hulk is green and krypton is green, maybe we'll just say he is made of kryptonite in this and that's how he beats superman. like a crayola crayon. totally odd-ball reasoning, but i was in a weird mood.

and this was just me messing with lines and whatnot......

and then some sketches for ARCHAIC 11 cover. i'll post the finished pencils when they're done as well:

quick sketch cover design

this is one of many sketches im doing leading up to a pin-up for a french book, ae. i really need to get some trades of the book and learn french so i can read them....and the only place remotely connected to the US that carries the book is amazon canada, ae. so im going to order some soon ae. and then i'll post some more sketches.

right now im knee deep in issue 11 of ARCHAIC. and i'll have the cover design on here soon as well. it's very tattoo like and now that i think of that, im pretty pissed they sent kat back to LA on "miami ink". bummer.