Monday, March 26, 2007

sketch: ladytron done wrong

well, im going to try to have some sort of doodle up here at least every three days (hahah i say that now...) well, i briefly looked at some of a pal of mines doodles...'ladytron' by eric canete...and loved the character who i am not really all that familiar with. i think i only saw maybe like three quick images of the character because i had to go run erands, but it's something i wanna draw as a pin-up. this outfit and character is missing things and because i was in my jazz class with no referance material, besides my crappy memory....i'm going to have to re-do it because it's anything but accurate...but it kept me entertained in class, kept me from nodding off....and the lines are pretty clean. enjoy.


Ryan said...

HOO-YEAH! First to comment again! Cool drawing... I want to color it. A finished version would make a kick ass entry for that Alberto Ruiz contest.

RLS said...

Ladytron's got some hips!