Wednesday, March 28, 2007

rat pack!

so,'s splinter. im tired. i went to go get strathmore bristol and our Aaron brother only carries crappy canson, which i sadly found out, is not acid free. so i bought it and then went to michaels to look at pens, since i called them prior and they told me they didn't have 11"x 14" bristol. LYING BASTARDS! they had it...but i was outta cash. so now im stuck with canson....but back to the original post. it's splinter. i drew a rat in 30 minutes in my jazz class. boy, did i ever want to just lay my head down today and go to sleep in that class...........yup...rats are cool. but only cartoon rats...real rats are like bunnies: evil as hell

and a lil edit to this post. a myspace pal of mine colored this drawing and i thought it was pretty darn cool. so here's splinter colored by mr. julian aguilera. you can check out more of his stuff on here



I don't know what 'Jazz Class' is, but if it affords you time to let you draw cartoon rats then maybe I should join a Jazz Class too. I need more time so that I can draw a bit more leisurely. Great looking Splinter, BTW. Keep on with the posting.


Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Never pictured Splinter as being into Jazz. Another great pic! Have a fantastic weekend.

Triton said...

Yes! Splinter..

Hmm.. Isn't it so realistic?

But, I like this pic.

Can I take this?

MeiTow said...

Hello. I found this picture and I think it's absolutely awesome! I was wondering if it would be alright to turn it into a pattern so I can do a cross stitch of it. :)