Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ARCHAIC "dirt" short story inks

My first work for a really great book called ARCHAIC comes out this month, in the volume #2 trade paperback. I did this short 8 pager way back in August it's quite a bit old by now, it seems, but has some cool stuff. The ARCHAIC TPB is available at your local comic store and is really something worth picking up, as the story is pretty darn intriguing and the art earned Mr. Brett Marting a Golden Chazzie nomination for best artist , not to mention ARCHAIC was nominated for Best Ongoing Series.

Wizard magazine issue 186 (feb. 2007) also recognized ARCHAIC as the fourth top indie book on their list of indie comics to look out for. "The level of detail and creative passion pumped into every level of Jon (James) Abrams and Brett Marting's epic fantasy adventure series Archaic from Fenickx Productions crackles on each page. Archaic formulates a dark and stylishly horrific tale of two warring families in a world born of Slovakian myth, and the duo's vision of a civilization powered by spectacular magics. For fantasy and horror lovers alike unfamiliar with the book, pay attention: This is the best ongoing epic you've never read."



You're just showing off now. I mean, you should really pace yourself - this much art in one of your very first posts? That's almost overkill. I say 'almost' because I don't mind! Haha! Awesome stuff as usual, Miss. Thank you for sharing.


BTW, welcome to your new Yah.

Fabián Fucci said...

Awesome pages! I like the style.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Awesome work as usual, girl!

Jacob Walker said...

Hey, awesome pages! I like the robot-mech-pot belly stove guys. One can never get enough of those!

Welcome to blogger. Im new myself. Theres just to many awesome people like Eric posting tons of stuff. I'll be sure to check back at your blog. Take care.

weshoyot said...

thanks for the support everyone! the TPB is on shelcves now, so i hope you'll pick up a copy!