Wednesday, April 23, 2008

it tastes just like spam!

another much neglected post trying to bring some life right back into this blog. I don't seem to get very many readers, so i guess that's okay, but I wish those goddamn spammers wouldn't get my hopes up by making their spamicious comments trying to get me to buy German cameras and cd things...I see 'oh i got a comment! sweet' then check and it's a spam comment. just lame.

so here's something not so lame. a OKAMI piece I did for a DA contest to win a Wii. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and me and Photoshop had a nice romp through a smiley, poppy-laced field with this one, so it was all a pleasant experience. (and no, that's not drug reference there, I just mean I actually managed to use Photoshop on this and not want to shoot my computer up with ACME elephant bullets when I was finished...

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