Monday, February 16, 2009

more of "welcome home"........

so more pages coming off the hot burning printing press of an art table. These are really becoming all i could hope for. They are aged like a fine cheese...since i penciled them months ago (seriously, they are well overdue)'s taken me a long time to go from start to finish, but all the stuff im learning in between seems to be rearing it's pretty face....who doesn't love that devilish grin of success???

and in other news....i feel a storm a brewing, with some amazing fireworks of inks and art on the horizon. I cant say too much about it, but when it happens you bet i'll let you know what to look out for ;) The world has strange ways of connecting people at various times in ones life. Let's just say that chevy nova's can be the chrome links in a chain of some neat cyber friendships of fainting sheep.

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