Sunday, January 18, 2009

damn, i suck!

yes, haven't updated this in a long time. it's been too long. so let me just post this. 09 is going to have shit happen. i know that because im hiring myself to do a book. please keep watching, im updating this puppy regularly, and if i dont there will be hell to pay!

PS: eric canete just inspired my brains. that man is unreal!


unknown said...

Hope your well!!
This might be abit strange but i'm a student in the uk last year of uni!! And have recently started a lifestyle fashion brand!!
I seen the pin up lady you did which is grate and would like to know if you might be interested in doing around 5 designs for the range!!
I was looking for your email address but didnt find one. Mine is if you would like to get in contact
many thanks


You are much, MUCH too kind, young lady. I hope your renewed fervor for updating persists and that you continue to impress. I am eagerly anticipating to see what you hired yourself to do.