Tuesday, May 6, 2008

about me....

okay, so i have gotten a few 'where'd you learn to draw' messages and things like that so im up to answer questions, if you'd like to ask them.

I have been drawing since I was little....it has always interested me. I wanted to be an animator...i wanted to create movies like the little mermaid and stuff.....I was always in awe at the way animation was made and how they got drawing to move. I got into comics when i was in 5th grade, after my mom bought a box of marvel flaire trading cards at a yard sale for me. since then, i was hooked. I used to draw from those cards, and got all sortz of made fun of. "why do you draw boobies" "ewww your gross" but somehow I didn't care because I thought they never understood it. The feeling I'd get when drawing....I guess it would be called 'passion' or 'drive', but somehow that was more important to me than letting their mean ways get to me. I made a descision way back then that I wanted to be a famous artist and would do whatever I could to get there.
I entered contests and won a lot. I got sucked more into art as i got older, which made me give up friends and social things most kids do. But I didn't seem to mind all that much....I was happy living in my own world. I read a lot of books, I entered contests and throughout school realized a bit more of what I wanted to do. I graduated high school early, because I was sick of being around people that weren't like me. I was taking college classes while in high school and wanted to be one of those kids on the news that graduates college and high school at the same time. I dont think my parents ever quite understood my passion, as they felt the social experience of high school was important and wouldn't let me do independant study until my junior year. And after I lost all the art I had ever made in a school fire in the art room.
i grieved a lot from that, questioned if art was really what I was supposed to do in life, and reconfigured how important the worlds were that I made up in my sketchbooks....I gradually came back after about a year of wandering and doing a lot of thinking about art, and not actually materializing it. I went to CALARTS for a high school summer school program in animation: which I loved but also got a reality check from: as the handdrawn animation industry at the time was dying.
I went to college. I won scholarshp competitions to pay for art supplies I couldn't normally afford. I dreamed of going to art school, but the dreams wouldn't cough up the $40,000 i needed and so i went on to go finish my degree at a newly refurbished mental institution, that I think I nearly lost my mind at. Im now at a good place, and I think I'm going in a good direction. I only looked back today after reading something deemed ficticious, but based on truth that made me reflect on the hours I used to spend righting all the ideas and feelings in my head down in strathmore sketchbooks. It inspired me to write this, so thank you troubled girl....

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