Thursday, April 26, 2007

ARCHAIC priests

So, as you may or may not know, I am working on a RAD book called 'ARCHAIC'. ( They just printed the second volume last month for Wizard World LA, and anyone that got their lucky paws on one is a better person for doing so. But don't frett just yet. You too, can be a better person as well! Simply by going to your local comic store and ordering numerous copies for everyone in your life, you too shall achieve "better-person-dom".

With that said, (and since I have Russian guards bigger and meaner than Chuck Lidel guarding these puppies, so no eyes besides my own and my lucky lil' cat can see them) I give you some sweet character designs I have done for the TECHNOLYTE priests of ARCHAIC. I am dubbing this fellows mechanical hair as a Fiber-Optic mohawk or 'OPTO-HAWK'. Yes I coined that term. Cool, I since I've been a slacker as far as my posting has gone, you lucky lil' devils get many sketches instead of just one. I wish I were you....LOL.

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I am surely blessed by being privy to these images. And seems *someone* has graduated from their archaic (ahem) version of a digital coloring program to the industry standard that is Photoshop CS2! Good for you, Miss!

Great job and I'll speak with you soon. Oh, and post more!