Tuesday, May 12, 2009

good god...i have neglected this poor thing they call a blog

a friend of mine has become the blog-magician: single handedly dissapearing with no trace from an otherwise live and healthy, meaty lil blog of a blog.

mine lays here, skinny and lethargic: hooked to an IV, it's ribs showing....yes....it needs some juice...

i have gone and moved. im almost done with the thing they call 'moving in' which if you have alot of shit, like myself, and are a very sentimental pack rat, like myself, and also have other hobbies which allocates lots of random items, like myself, it is a very painful, exhausting thing. the good part though is that I got someone there to help me out before i pass out. that's always a nice thing.

im dying to make art. my art table is littered with said random shit. all i want to do is draw, and my art chair is still at my other place. god damn it. im gonna be so glad when im done.

and then i will have art for whoever happns to swing by and find this long lost blog. i promise i'll give it some redbull and tonic and kick it into high gear asap!